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Greene invited Mr. Garcia to stop by. The mason arrived with his son, Wilson, who has a degree in architecture, and took a seat on the newly tiled porch, appraising his work. Garcia, it turned out, had been waiting 35 years for someone to ask him about the construction trade, which, in his telling, was more than a little Machiavellian. In Guatemala, Mr. Garcia explained, he fell in love with building but had to overcome opposition from other masons who were fearful of competition and secretive about their knowledge.

Living in Mexico, where he said blueprints are put under lock and key, Mr. Garcia devised a clever strategy. Can I ask you a question? In California, where he moved in and started over at the bottom, sweeping floors, Mr. In his long apprenticeship, in his use of social intelligence to navigate a dog-eat-dog world, in his devotion to craft, Mr. Greene looked pleased. He chuckled and told Mr. The author had hired a contractor and found another disciple.

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Applying the Laws to Bricks and Mortar. Greene, who has tackled a few home renovations himself, said homeowners can apply the laws themselves, to ease the process. When considering a project, Mr.

Bring the crew lunch and examine the new flooring as they eat. If you try to get a job done for nothing, you can wind up with a bad contractor or anger a good one. Use your money to seduce and persuade people. Tell us what you think. In warfare, if you can degrade and destroy the mind of your enemy, physical concerns become secondary. In seduction, the goal is the opposite — to commune with the mind of the object of your affections and get closer to a single-mindedness that an ideal relationship would have. Is this a short term relationship, a long term one, or are there red flags flying all over the place telling you there should be none at all?

The worst way to end anything—a war, a conflict, a relationship—is slowly and painfully. The costs of such an ending run deep: loss of self-confidence, unconscious avoidance of conflict the next time around, the bitterness and animosity left breeding—it is all an absurd waste of time. Before entering any action, you must calculate in precise terms your exit strategy. How exactly will the engagement end, and where it will leave you? If the answers to those questions seem vague and full of speculation, if success seems all too alluring and failure somewhat dangerous, you are more than likely taking a gamble.

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Your emotions are leading you into a situation that could end up a quagmire. There have been too many articles to count on this site on the dangers of choosing the wrong women to get involved with. Always have an exit strategy with any interaction.

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Depend on your own arms in other words, depend on the faculties of your own mind and ingenuity — external resources can be taken from you, but never your cleverness, courage, or energy. In the first part of the book, Greene gives you a taxonomy of seducer types. Once you become aware of the different seducer types, you will be able to identify them in your own life, and you will figure out where your own seduction style fits in — that is, which combination of types you naturally embody, and to become a better, more refined seducer.

The second part of the book outlines a series of strategies to implement. In outlines the phases of seduction and gives you tactics to use for each phase.

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The siren is the first type of seducer. In history, we can see her personified in figures such as Marilyn Monroe and Cleopatra. The siren is sexual, she is not afraid of presenting an exaggerated feminine appearance through the way she dresses and the makeup she wears. In the same way that the Siren fulfills the male desire to forget about his social responsibilities, the Rake does the same for women.

The Ideal Lover. Most people have broken dreams, ideas about people or reality that they had in their youth that could not be satisfied. The world traps us into roles that we must play.


Those who are more fluid and ambiguous, who create their own persona, excite us. We think of childhood as a golden paradise, and we consciously or unconsciously try to re-recreate it. The ultimate art in seduction is delaying pleasure. Coquettes are masters at waiting, orchestrating constant movement between hope and frustration. The Charismatic. The Star is a fetishized object. Most people are too complex, reactive, and moody to let us see them as object.

The Anti-Seducer. Greene explains to us what the anti-seducer is, the qualities that repel people away from us. The first has to do with attention. The Victims of Seduction.

Robert Greene: The Art of Seduction Book Summary

Everyone is a potential victim of seduction, but you must first identify the type of victim you are dealing with to know how to approach them. There are eighteen types. Choose the Right Target. Create a False Sense of Security. Never be obvious with your intensions.