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As for the ugly, some demonstrators have held placards castigating Macron as the Rothschild president. The president has been widely portrayed as the champion of the financial system by his opponents. Anti-Semitic placards have been a constant feature of some far-left rallies against Macron. It is not entirely surprising that such slogans should make a reappearance during anti-establishment protests like the ones held by the gilets jaunes, but some demonstrators have taken this even further.

These anti-Semitic outbursts have led some socialist MPs and intellectuals to declare once and for all that no respectable left winger could possibly support them. The gilets embody the popular urge to hurl out any leader tainted by elected office and establishment politics.

Which way will the gilets go? At present, there is no way to tell. Please read our comments policy before commenting. I am a Gilet Jaune, and I can assure you that a very large majority of Gilets Jaunes, no, in any way, fascist or unhealthy tendencies.

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We simply defend our institutional values of a republic that has lost the meaning of its citizens. We want to find the true values of democracy and human dignity. We only ask for democracy, the true, the one and only: 1- Referendum of popular initiatives in any matter 2- A revaluation of the purchasing power to live decently. Thank you for taking note. A Gilet Jaune. Referendi are the tool of dictators 2. Money dies not grow on trees 3.

The French state provides generous social security, good health care and good education.. You may then appreciate that you have a rich privileged lifestyle…. Money does not grow on trees 3. The French state provides good social security benefits, health care and education.. That has to be paid for. The most important issue is not whether globalisation is reducing your privileged Western lifestyle have you been to the slums of Lagos, Milan or Mumbai? Where did you guys gather your research as a secondary source or where you present during these events as a primary source. Click here to cancel reply.

Evidence-based analysis and commentary on European politics. Facebook Facebook. The gilets jaunes: The good, the bad and the ugly.

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Parrier Pierre January 11, at pm - Reply. Hello, I am a Gilet Jaune, and I can assure you that a very large majority of Gilets Jaunes, no, in any way, fascist or unhealthy tendencies. Yellard January 13, at pm - Reply. Dear Pierre Parrier Please note, 1.

Didier Gauvin January 16, at pm - Reply. Thanks for the interesting overview. Kilian May 5, at am - Reply. Leave A Comment. In association with European Union Politics. The danger of personalised power in the EU November 11th, Jose says: The real story we saw wasn't about the far right it was You risk being European Institute Events Calendar. Click here for this month's upcoming European Institute events. We use cookies on this site to understand how you use our content, and to give you the best browsing experience. To accept cookies, click continue.

To find out more about cookies and change your preferences, visit our Cookie Policy. Psychopaths are characterised by their lack of empathy and their love of cruelty. While Machiavellians employ undesirable tactics to fulfil their selfish goals, psychopaths do it because they enjoy watching others suffer.

Psychopaths are the playground bullies of the organisation. They acquire power through fear and intimidation. Highly arrogant and proud, office psychopaths are blind to the injury they have caused others. They are even inclined to find excitement in harassing others. As with other problematic individuals in the organisation, it would be useful for leaders to throw out the bad apple before it is too late. Despite the negativity associated with politics, one needs to be able to influence others in order to succeed in life.

Politics involves juggling alliances across the organisation. As a result of frequently currying favours from your superiors, you may risk being seen by your teammates as an apple-polisher, or a selfish, uncaring leader, who neglects the team. In organisations, success that goes under the radar may not bring forth the rewards that it deserves.

Surviving in a Family Business When You’re Not Part of the Family

Politics relies on friendships. If you are well-connected to people who can turn your desire into reality, you are part of the politically savvy crew. It is not just about knowing people who can solve your problems. Networking also involves being able to help others find people who can fulfil their wishes, and having that favour returned by others.

As people trade favours, ties of friendship are created. People with extensive networks acquire better opportunities to expand their careers. More doors are opened and more people want to trade favours. Connectors make things happen through people. Connectors may not have all the skills necessary to solve every problem, but the key to their success is being well-acquainted with many experts who can.

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What are the ingredients that make up a good Connector? According to Gladwell, being sociable is vital, as well as having the enthusiasm to get to know other people and hear their stories. Think of it this way — getting to know someone opens you up to a new world, as opposed to being limited to the same office space, surrounded by people of the same background. People value sincerity in any relationship. Politically savvy individuals exude sincerity and genuineness.

They inspire trust in others. The importance of sincerity in building relationships has been widely noted. Instead of seeking others attention, Carnegie tells us that sometimes we should step back by allowing them to share their stories or voice their feelings. This willingness to connect with others can go a long way in improving your connections with others. Consider the following situation: You work tirelessly from dawn to dusk, often staying back until late at night, and even spending extra time and effort to help the less skilful members of the team. You believe that hard work pays off.

It turns out that you always get passed over for a promotion. Those who seem to do less at work seem to always get the rewards. Socially astute people think before they speak. This applies to both managers and followers. Timing is key in office politics. Choosing when you report bad news to someone and how regularly you keep your superiors informed may affect your relationship with others. If you are always the bearer of bad news, at a critical time when the team needs encouragement, you may give an impression that you are gloomy and pessimistic.

Savvy individuals avoid casting a negative light on themselves. Awareness of your own emotions and the emotions of others is crucial for success — a skill psychologists refer to as Emotional Intelligence. Politically savvy individuals are highly attuned to the moods and feelings of those around them. They also know themselves well enough to stop and assess the situation before blurting something out at an inopportune moment.

They can hold back from saying something unpleasant, even when they are angry, or think of ways to bring cheer to a situation when the team is demotivated. The ability to have control of the emotional climate in the room is a powerful skill to have because people, in general, gravitate towards those who make them feel good and are repulsed by those who make them feel bad. Politics in an organisation has many dimensions. We may revile some aspects of it, but as long as we are not working purely with robots, politics is here to stay. Love it or hate it, a good understanding of both its yin and yang is crucial for anyone aspiring to achieve great results through people.

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