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You may work in several of these in your lifetime. It is usually made up of a specific group of people accountants, Peruvian Indian tribe, skaters, single moms and their kids, etc. Or it may be a more diverse group, such as a doctor treating a wide variety of patients in various areas. You were never meant to just go through life interacting randomly… rather you were designed to live intentionally, serving among your destiny people group, with a purpose — to fulfill what God wants to do in you and with those people you are called to impact.

We believe God motivates primarily through positive means such as love and delight rather than rules or duty. The greatest motivation is the delight and fulfillment you experience from operating according to your design and destiny.

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A great example of personal destiny is Eric Liddell of Scotland. He was preparing to join his sister on the mission field but he was also a gifted runner. His success on the track drew crowds to whom he preached the message of Christ. His sister felt that his running was interfering with his service to God.

And when I run I feel His pleasure. Eric created a controversy at the Olympics when he would not violate his personal belief to run on a Sunday and he forfeit his place in the meters. Later in the games, a team mate, inspired by his commitment to his values, bowed out to let him run the meters.

Today, while my life is far from perfect, one of the greatest gifts I have is my absolute certainty that the joy I feel is here to stay. In addition, through these lessons and experiences, I have been able to create an extraordinary relationship with my beloved wife, Sage, who has given me love, passion, joy, gratitude and fulfillment beyond anything I have ever known.

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Most important, this is not a process that requires any of us to change who we are, rather the lessons I learned all stem from having the courage to be myself, no matter what the context. To that end, Date With Destiny is a unlike any of our other programs.

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More than anything, it will cause you to think from your heart and to put the stake in the ground for who you are and what you are committed to in your life. Whether you simply want to make some small distinctions to take your life to the next level or whether you come to reclaim your life and what drives you, you will be rewarded if you take the first step. Fill in the form below to speak with an event specialist about Date With Destiny. By entering your information on the Tony Robbins website, you agree that we may collect and use your personal information for marketing, and for other purposes, as set forth in our Privacy Policy, which we encourage you to review.

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Generic filters Hidden label. Port of Destiny tells the story of Santos' path to peace: As Defense Minister he waged war on FARC, a terrorist guerrilla movement; as President, he brokered peace—but paid a steep political price. Featuring interviews with former United States President Bill Clinton and former United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair, the film draws on deep access to its Colombian subjects to tell the story of how this former military hawk risked his career and his legacy to bring peace to his people.

Port of Destiny: Peace is available for screenings and events in universities, boardrooms, institutions, schools, and beyond.

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Single screening licenses are available and are priced according to the type of event and the size of the proposed screening. You provide the venue, the screen and audience, and we provide you with the film and digital marketing tools to make the screening a success. Click the button below to fill out the form and we will be in touch promptly.

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Do you want to bring Port of Destiny: Peace to your university, conference, church, nonprofit, business or other non-theater venue of your choosing? Purchase Your License — If you are a university, college, K school or Public Library visit our page at Tugg here and select the appropriate license for your needs.

This riveting drama shows what it took to end the violence, and the political price Santos had to pay on his way to winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Whether you agree or disagree with the decisions made, it is a window to the mind and soul of the leader making those decisions. Such an appealing, compelling and articulate subject—yet it's the storytelling that makes the documentary so rich.

I am astounded by the quality of the script, camera shots, editing, and nuanced points both about the politics and the peace. The storyline was perfectly put together—it kept me wanting more and then it delivered more.